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Audio Taming is a Music Marketing & Promotion service and platform that also caters in professional music production and distribution, working with serious and quality artists who want to enhance their careers in the business. REMEMBER: Music is a Mean Business, so it's important for you in all of your efforts to truly Mean Business - hence the slogan.

The name 'Audio Taming' goes by the logic that music is so wildly out of control now days. Musicians/Artists are just throwing their music anywhere and everywhere to anyone and everyone just hoping it'll stick - whereas the key in todays industry is to control where and who it goes to. Audio Taming can help you with this in both the production and post-production process.

In a world where talents of all kinds are fighting for attention, music marketing and promotion is more crucial than ever before!  Marketing your music ensures you stand out in a chaotic and crowded industry, enables you to build and maintain a fanbase and become a truly independent artist.  Get in touch with Audio Taming for a head start on marketing your music. 

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Being an artist, remember you are a business with a valuable product.  But how do you sell music in an overcrowded industry?

Marketing your music is an ongoing process that requires commitment and a tailored strategy, so you can build your identity, your brand and your support base. Marketing plans lead to consistent promotion specifically to those you target based on your marketing research.  Whether you do it yourself or would like some guidance, Audio Taming can simply be of use to you and is happy to help.

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We also offer a mixing and mastering engineering service that will bring out the absolute best in your music.  Endorsed and in contact with experienced professionals, Audio Taming is dependable in ensuring your music is brought to industry standards.

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experienced music producer in the UK



Immersed in music scenes and can connect like-minded individuals and organise collaborations - building a network.


Learn how to market your music effectively. Working with Audio Taming will give you a comprehensive understanding of marketing and promoting your music.



Efficiency in distribution and ensuring your music is displayed on the worlds leading music platforms.


Worldwide reach. Visiting music scenes around the world, we consistently nurture a growing network of useful contacts.




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